Bloggers DOing Christmas with more joy and less waste - part 2

Date: 18-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou

Making a dreamcatcher - Foxs Lane © Zo Zhou

Making a dreamcatcher - Foxs Lane

Celebrating with less waste doesn't have to mean less fun. These Australian bloggers have some fantastic ideas on a more creative, meaningful approach...

Instead of celebrating Christmas the usual way, Kate's family from Foxs Lane have focussed on spending time together. Her daughters have been busy making dreamcatchers to keep monsters at bay. Collecting the sticks for the dreamcatchers is also a lovely excuse to get out into nature for a bit. For prezzies, they've pom pom bombed plain paper wrapping to decorate, making everything reusable and recyclable. 

Mum's Grapevine editor Simone McNamara also has some wonderful crafts using toilet rolls, homemade crayons and play dough to help you spend more time instead of money on the little ones. If you're stuck on time, these reusable modern Santa sacks will save you shopping for wrap each year and double up as handy bags to use throughout the year! 

If you're worried about breaking the bank, Lydia from Where the Wild Things Were has some great money saving tips to show everyone that going green isn't just great for "the planet"! Choosing to reuse has meant smaller bins AND bills. 

Check out part 1 of our roundup of inspiring real life ideas for a greener Christmas, and get your friends and family  DOing good too.

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