Festive Recycling News

Reflections on a Plastic Free July

Date: 24-Jul-18
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Going a month without purchasing plastic is quite a challenge - but it can be surprisingly fun and encourage great new experiences.

New NT recycling education resources

Date: 12-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Northern Territory residents now have improved access to container deposit scheme information via Planet Ark's RecyclingNearYou website. In addition, councils and community groups can use new resources such as posters and graphics to promote the recycling scheme.

8 ways to green your 2018

Date: 11-Jan-18
Author: Laura Chalk
8 ways to form and maintain green resolutions for 2018

Our green resolutions

Date: 11-Jan-18
Author: Marty Middlebrook
There's always more ways to be green. The team at Planet Ark share their environmental goals for 2018 and how we plan to stick to them.

How to fight a festive war on waste at Christmas

Date: 04-Dec-17
Author: Claire Bell
The 12 DOs of Christmas are twelve simple positive actions to reduce festive waste

National Recycling Week tips to help win the War on Waste

Date: 19-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
With National Recycling Week now over, how are you fairing with your War on Waste? Well here are our top tips for, just in time for ABC TV's War on Waste Episode 4 to be aired in just 2 weeks time on Sunday, 3 December.

You don't have to be a Grinch to be green this Christmas

Date: 14-Nov-17
Author: Carol Warwick
As the shops start to fill up with Christmas gift ideas and food, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you want to buy and organise for the big day. But there are some easy ways to keep your Christmas spirit and stay on the environment's nice list at the same time.

Inspiring story: Landscaping a garden bed from printer cartridges

Date: 15-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Close the Loop is Australia's biggest resource recovery and recycling company for printing consumables and the resource recovery partner for 'Cartridges for Planet Ark'. It is driven by a promise of zero-waste-to-landfill and innovation. Some of the recycled products to come out of this initiative will amaze!

The missing piece of the recycling puzzle

Date: 13-Nov-17
Author: Carol Warwick
It's National Recycling Week (November 13-19). Find out why buying recycled matters...

14 Items You Can Recycle - But Probably Aren't (Part Two)

Date: 29-Mar-17
Author: Brad Gray
In the second part of this article we look at seven more items that most Australians could be recycling - but probably aren't

The Circle of (Tree) Life

Date: 23-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Whatever kind of tree you have this Christmas, make it last. Whether it's a potted one to keep for years to come, a cut live or fallen branch that could be mulched, to a good quality artificial one that will keep on giving year after year. We've got tips for keeping the circle of (tree) life going.

Do De-clutter, Then Recycle

Date: 22-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Planning a post-Christmas clean out? Put it all back to work while you're on holidays! We've got tips on donating to charities or recycling that wood, door and window frames, concrete, bricks, tiles and all sorts of other materials.

Thanks for helping make 2016 a great year!

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Brad Gray
Our mission is to help Australians take positive environmental actions, that's only possible thanks to our sponsors and partners

Cleaner Christmas Travel

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you travelling across town to see Nanna at Christmas? Or are you taking the family to another state for a summer holiday? Many people travel at Christmas but how do you make it as environmentally friendly as possible? We've got tips to make your trips clean and green with Do # 10.

The Secret to Battery-Powered Gifts

Date: 17-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
If you're giving a battery-operated present one of the best things you can do for the recipient (and the planet) is to include rechargeable batteries and a charger. It'll save them money and reduce the amount of energy and natural resources that go into producing single-use batteries. Check out Do # 9 Batteries Included.

Magically Turn Your Mobile Into a Meal

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
It's great to spread the magic of the festive season. Especially when you're doing something positive for the environment AND people in need. So for every mobile you recycle with MobileMuster, they will donate the value of a meal to OzHarvest to help feed those in need across the country.

Easy Electrifying Recycling

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you getting a new mobile, computer or printer for Christmas? We've got tips on how to make sure the old device and accessories finds a new home, either with someone or with a recycler. We're up to Do # 8 of the 12 Do's of Christmas!

Recycle Right At Christmas

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Brandy custard cartons? Mince pie trays? Squirty cream aerosols? Can these festive materials be recycled? Check out our top tips to ensure you're recycling all the festive food and drink packaging you can over Christmas.

Be Like Santa and Make A List

Date: 12-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Australians throw out about $1,100 worth of food each year and this is most pervasive at Christmas. Collectively that's more than $10 billion of food going to landfill. Check out ways to combat this like making a shopping list (and sticking to it), portion control and composting at home.

Don't Worry, Be Appy!

Date: 11-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
One thing you don't need to worry about this Christmas is what goes in the recycling bin! That's if you download the RecycleSmart App which draws data from Planet Ark's RecyclingNearYou website. It includes recycling information about every Australian council and helps users find options more than 170 household items. It's a Christmas gift to use all year round!

How To Eco-Wrap a Present

Date: 07-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Remember how your Grandma would save string, ribbon, paper and bows? Well she had the right idea as re-using and recycling paper is one way to eco-wrap a gift. Check out our other tips to make our natural resources and your budget last longer with Do # 4 of the 12 Do's of Christmas!

The Gift of an Experience

Date: 06-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Christmas gifts don't need to cost the earth. In fact, they can help spread appreciation of its beauty. Whether it's an underwater or above land experience, donating babysitting time or cooking, we've got plenty of thoughtful, green gift suggestions with Do #3 of the 12 Do's of Christmas.

Do Celebrate Less Waste at Work

Date: 04-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Tis' the silly season but that doesn't mean you have to be silly with workplace waste. We've got great tips so no matter how much fun people are having at Christmas parties, it's easy to recycle right. Check out Do #2 of the 12 Do's of Christmas.

Do Durable Decorations or Make Your Own

Date: 02-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you buying and throwing out Christmas decorations every year? Well our first DO of Christmas can save you money, reduce wastage and provide ideas for crafty, family traditions!

Get Crafty this Christmas

Date: 01-Dec-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Before you recycle this Christmas - why not re-use some every day items to make cards, wrapping paper, decorations and even a homemade Christmas tree! Planet Ark staffer Marty and his family give some easy craft tips for you to try at home.

How to Reduce Spending and Your Eco-Footprint This Christmas

Date: 30-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
With Australians spending over $1,000 at Christmas, some forward planning for meals and presents can lead to big savings for your wallet and eco-footprint.

Soft Plastic - Scrunch and Recycle

Date: 25-Nov-16
Author: Brad Gray
Soft plastics, the kind that can be scrunched into a ball, are among the biggest problems in the kerbside recycling system. In fact 8 out of 10 councils consider them the number one problem as they get caught in the recycling machinery.

New Endorsement - Soft on the Environment and You

Date: 03-Nov-16
Author: Brad Gray
CEO Paul Klymenko and ABC Tissue Products' Brand Manager Loretta Lau announce Naturale Toilet Tissue, our newest endorsement

Planet Ark Launches 100% Recycled Office Paper

Date: 02-Nov-16
Author: Reese Malcolm
Your choice in office paper matters and with the official launch of Planet Ark Paper on the 30th October 2016 your choice has been made easy. Planet Ark Paper has been produced to help make the use of recycled paper mainstream. Currently office paper has a recycling rate of about 70% but less than 18% of new reams have high-recycled content.

Four Eyes For Recycling

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
You might see clearly with your frames on, but it's not always clear if glasses can be recycled or not. We've found some options so your old frames can have a new life and help those in need to get optimal optics.

Get Your 2016 Environment Action Planner

Date: 28-Jan-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Whether you want cartridge recycling box, get in contact with nature or plant a tree - we have a campaign for you

Love a Tree

Date: 23-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Whether you're a fan of that genuine pine aroma or you prefer the utility of an artificial tree, you can keep your tree a little bit greener this Christmas. Cut live trees can have a second life as mulch or compost to help enrich the soil of other plants, while artificial trees can be reused for decades if properly cared for. It's the 12th Do of Christmas!

'Tis the Season to De-Clutter

Date: 21-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Is the shed or garage full of old and broken bits and pieces? Is there a DIY renovation job that you've been putting off? The Christmas and New Year break is a great time to start over, to get those nagging jobs done, to tidy and de-clutter the house and to put valuable resources back to work.

Recycle your old mobiles & help the Salvos

Date: 10-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
If you are dreaming of a new mobile phone this Christmas don't forget to recycle old mobiles and accessories in a safe, secure and ethical way. To give you a little incentive, MobileMuster will donate $2 for every kilogram of old mobile phones and accessories collected during December and January to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

'Appy' Christmas gift from Planet Ark

Date: 01-Dec-15
Author: Sara McGregor
Check out the free smart phone app to answer all those tricky waste and recycling questions. A gift to use year-round

Save the date! 'Waste Not, Want Not' Day is coming

Date: 30-Nov-15
Author: Ryan Collins
TechCollect is calling for businesses to mark December 8 in the calendar to create a more sustainable workplace! Check out the four great tips for businesses to make a difference on 'Waste Not, Want Not' Day.

Let the Flings Begin

Date: 13-Nov-15
Author: Brad Gray
All around Australia today people are having office Flings and it's not too late for you to join in. Put some time aside today, go though your drawers and fling you old, unwanted files. If you register today you'll also receive a carton of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper.

Recycling Role Models

Date: 12-Nov-15
Author: Brad Gray
There is positive change happening in waste and recycling in some of Australia's best known companies. A pet food manufacturer has achieved zero waste to landfill and a wine maker made the switch to 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging. Find out how these high performers achieved these feats.

Test Your Recycling Knowledge!

Date: 03-Nov-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
How much of this skip bin can be recycled? Win prizes and test your knowledge with the Recycle Right Quiz

New Label Makes Recycling Easy

Date: 06-Oct-15
Author: Brad Gray
Planet Ark is very proud to launch its new Australian Recycling Label, which has been designed to address both customer confusion and the desire for on-pack information.

Wise Words From An Eleven-Year-Old

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
It's often said that kids are our future. Fortunately many of them are thinking creatively about how we can all live more sustainably.

Dabbling in DIY

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Chris Philpot
"As a new homeowner, I like to dabble in a bit of DIY. And my little son is always there to offer a helping hand," says Chris Philpot, our Paper and Wood Campaign Manager.

Planet Ark Ambassadors Honoured

Date: 28-Jan-15
Author: Brad Gray
In this week's Australia Day Awards two of Planet Ark's ambassadors - Layne Beachley and Jackie French - have been recognised for their contribution to Australia.

Recycle Your Mobiles and Help The Salvos

Date: 15-Dec-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Throughout December and January if you recycle your old mobiles and accessories at any of MobileMuster's collection points across Australia, MobileMuster will give $2 to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for every kilo they collect.

The Toolkit for Promoting an Eco-Christmas

Date: 03-Dec-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you looking to encourage a greener, waste-wise Christmas- Then we have the toolkit for you! We've developed a range of promotional resources like ecards, posters, social media posts and adaptable blogs/articles for you to use. DO check it out!

12 Do’s for a Greener Christmas

Date: 02-Dec-14
Author: Claire Grant
Unwrapping a new gadget might provide a short-term high, but with more active SIM cards on the planet than people, it comes with an environmental impact . Global sales figures for smartphones, tablets and PCs, are projected to reach 2.4 billion devices for 2014, and that figure is tipped to grow into next year .

Seasons Greetings

Date: 25-Nov-14
Author: Claire Grant
Christmas cards are one of the most traditional ways to show loved one you’re thinking of them over the festive season and who doesn’t love to open the mailbox to find personal messages of goodwill from friends and family-

Meal planning ensures a Merry Christmas on budget

Date: 20-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Households spend an average of $1,036 per year on food that is wasted. Food waste is especially rife at Christmas, and this year we are expected to spend $18.5bn on food. Planet Ark is asking everyone to undertake some simple actions to reduce their impact on the environment and their pockets over the festive season.

Post Christmas recycling Do's!

Date: 26-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Found yourself with a bigger pile of wrapping paper, Christmas cards and a tree that's quickly starting to droop- Check out how you can save them (and more!) from landfill...

Bloggers DOing Christmas with more joy and less waste - part 2

Date: 18-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Celebrating with less waste doesn't have to mean less fun. These Australian bloggers have some fantastic ideas on a more creative, meaningful approach...

Bloggers DOing Christmas with more joy and less waste - part 1

Date: 13-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Celebrating with less waste doesn't have to mean less fun. These Australian bloggers have some fantastic ideas on a more creative, meaningful approach...

3 ways to green your gifts

Date: 02-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Need help finding gifts with heart- We've got you covered whether your budget is big or small...

Bring friends and family together for a less wasteful Christmas

Date: 29-Nov-13
Author: Zo Zhou
The 12 Do's of Christmas are set to once again inspire Aussies to celebrate a Christmas with more joy and less waste. Here are a few ideas to help you involve your friends and family and get more people doing good these holidays...

Simple actions for a merry green Christmas

Date: 28-Nov-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Over the festive season, we eat, drink, party and buy more than any other time of the year, generating more waste and using more resources. Planet Ark is offering 12 simple tips that can make a big difference to your environmental impact and your budget over Christmas...

12 Do's of Christmas Photo Competition winners

Date: 29-Jan-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Congratulations to the 12 Do's of Christmas Photo Competition winners! We received 21 fantastic entries of all the special things our recycling fans were doing to keep their Christmas green. Check them out...

Show us your DO and be in to win!

Date: 30-Nov-12
Author: Zo Zhou
Enter a photo of your favourite Do through our photo competition on facebook for one of two chances to win over $400 in green gift vouchers and goodies. Simply snap a photo of any of the 12 actions, submit it through the facebook entry form, and encourage your friends to vote. Planet Ark staff will also pick their overall favourite, so you have multiple chances to win!

Second Nature - Recycling In Australia

Date: 12-Nov-12
Author: Zo Zhou
For most Australians recycling the newspaper, aluminium cans and milk cartons they use at home has become second nature, but we're still throwing 22 million tonnes of waste into landfill each year. Planet Ark's new "Second Nature: Recycling in Australia" report details the current state of recycling, how we got there, and where we're heading.