Better Motoring Guide - click to download © Zo Zhou

Better Motoring Guide - click to download

Australians love to travel, be it by planes, trains or automobiles, and transport is the second largest contributor to climate change. At this busy time of year it's important not only to travel safely, but also to travel in a way that is as safe as possible for the planet.

  • Since it's summer, rather than take the car, why not make a commitment to get outdoors into the fresh air and walk or ride a bike.
  • Use public transport wherever possible, and keep car trips to a minimum.
  • If you must drive, then avoid petrol-guzzlers and roll all of your errands into one trip.
  • Try some fuel-efficient driving techniques to reduce your fuel consumption. These include; reducing your cruising speed, keeping your car serviced and your tyres correctly inflated, braking and accelerating as smoothly as possible, travelling without unnecessary baggage to lighten your car and limiting your air conditioning and heating use whilst in the car.
  • For those of us travelling by plane, offset your flights by planting a native tree - which can store up to one whole tonne of carbon throughout the course of its life. Plant a tree yourself on National Tree Day (visit or call the National Tree Day hotline on 1300 88 5000 for information). Alternatively, Trees For Life and Men of the Trees will plant a tree for you at
  • You can also recycle your used tyres and motor oil. Visit or call the National Recycling Hotline on 1300 722 712 to find a recycling location for these items in your area.