Batteries not included?

Battery Recycling Image © Planet Ark

Most of us, especially the kids, receive at least one gift each year that requires batteries.

Unfortunately, batteries have a negative environmental impact due to the fact that they use 50 times as much energy to produce, compared with what they give out.  

  • Try to avoid buying gifts that are battery-operated, or at least look for presents that can also run off mains power.
  • If batteries are essential, then use rechargeable batteries - which represent a better choice for the environment.
  • Give a recharger as a gift - parents will love it.
  • Remember that you may be able to recycle both single-use and rechargeable batteries. For battery recycling in your area visit or call 1300 733 712.
  • For more information on batteries, check out our Battery Buzz page or the Battery Factsheet (below).