Living Christmas Trees © Amy Nancarrow

Living Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree made from fallen branches. © Nicole Hoagland

Christmas Tree made from fallen branches.

Festivities need decorations, but choose wisely because all that glitters is not necessarily environmentally friendly.  

  • Buy good quality ornaments that can be re-used for years to come.
  • Avoid the flimsy, low quality decorations and tinsel that doesn't last very long and can't be recycled.
  • Get the kids to make their own decorations and tree ornaments out of materials you already have around the house, or from things they might find in the backyard like twigs, bark, flowers and pine cones.
  • Popcorn threaded onto a string can be draped around a Christmas tree, just like tinsel.
  • If you buy a live Christmas tree, don't just throw it out after Christmas - have it planted or mulched. Most local authorities have a shredding facility, which means your tree can be recycled as chippings for garden paths and children's playgrounds.
  • Use a potted tree.
  • If you have an artificial tree, look after it so that it can be re-used year after year.
  • If you don't have much store space think about hiring a tree and decorations.

More eco-ideas

For other green tips over the festive season, download the Festive Green Guide as a pdf or podcast below.