About The 12 Do's of Christmas

Christmas Waste © Planet Ark

During the Christmas and New Year periods there is a large and sustained increase in the amount of kerbside material sent for recycling. There is also a corresponding increase in contamination of kerbside recycling.

Higher consumption rates at Christmas and New Year also results in a marked increase in non-kerbside recyclables and waste. In particular, the giving and receiving of presents generates recyclable material that many people have little or no satisfactory disposal knowledge. Gifts like computers, printers, mobile phones, clothes, furniture, glasses and so on often lead to old versions being discarded. All of these items are recyclable through a range of specific reuse or drop-off locations.

Recycling At Christmas

The 12 Do's of Christmas, through the use of media, the web and through partnerships with workplaces and councils, aims to increase visits to RecyclingNearYou and thereby help individuals and businesses increase the recycling rate for a wide range of items. The Campaign also encourages people to reconsider their purchasing behaviour to help minimise waste.

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