Do #9 Batteries Included

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If you're giving a battery-powered gift (you know the ones grandparents give the grandkids to annoy their parents), then remember to include rechargeable batteries and a recharger too. That way the Christmas cheer will continue throughout the year!

Single-use batteries use around 50 times more energy in their production than they provide. Using rechargeable batteries cuts down on the use of valuable minerals and materials, and they can save you money too. There are many ways you and your batteries can help preserve our natural resources, soil and waterways, usually for free.

Take action, commit to Do #9.

  • Make the switch from single-use to rechargeable batteries - you'll dramatically reduce the number of batteries you need and save money.
  • Find recycling options for your single-use and rechargeable batteries through stores like Battery World, Aldi and Ikea and many council services.