Do #12 Love a Tree

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Whether you're a fan of that genuine pine aroma or you prefer the utility of an artificial tree, you can keep your tree a little bit greener this Christmas. Cut live trees can have a second life as mulch or compost to help enrich the soil of other plants, while artificial trees can be reused for decades if properly cared for.

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  • Contribute to the circle of (tree) life for next year's festivities. If you're choosing a more traditional, cut real tree, compost it in the New Year, cut it up and put in your garden/green waste kerbside collection or search under garden cuttings on RecyclingNearYou to find out about other local options.
  • If pine needles are not your thing, choose a durable artificial tree and take care of it so that it'll keep delivering joy year after year.
  • You could find and decorate a fallen tree branch - if it's a native tree you'll have that added Aussie feel.
  • You could also try a live tree in a pot that you can bring inside for the season if you're short on space. Or simply decorate your garden or balcony with long lasting and sturdy baubles.