Do #11 'Tis the Season to De-Clutter

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Is the shed or garage full of old and broken bits and pieces? Is the ceiling sagging under the weight of old and unnecessary junk stored in the roof? Has the garden become an overgrown jungle?  Is there a DIY renovation job that you’ve been putting off? The Christmas and New Year break is a great time to start over, to get those nagging jobs done, to tidy and de-clutter the house and to put valuable resources back to work.

Take action, commit to Do #11.

  • Donate what is usable to charities when clearing out the mess from the garage, shed or attic.
  • Check whether your council has a green waste service. If there isn’t a service or if you exceed the specified amount, search for an organics service that will recycle cuttings into useful products.
  • Look for a company like Bingo Industries that can recycle a high proportion of the wood, door and window frames, concrete, bricks, tiles and other materials you need to get rid of when doing construction or demolition work over the break. Up to 80% of an old home can be recycled.