Do #1 Durable or DIY Decorations

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The trees, baubles, tinsel and lights are all part of the magic of Christmas, but they all have an environmental impact. The good news is you can reduce it.

Many families have traditions like putting the same star on top of the tree each year, or bringing out handmade table decorations. These rituals are not only a lovely way to remember your unique history; they're also a simple way of decreasing your impact after Christmas.

Take action, commit to Do #1.

  • Reusing older, heirloom decorations is both a thoughtful and often less expensive way to decorate your home.
  • Buying good quality decorations that can be reused year after year means you can establish new traditions for your family and friends to enjoy in the years to come.
  • Creating your own adornments and trimmings from reused items is a personalised and low impact way to liven up your living room this Christmas - check out the Festive Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide for lots of simple projects.
  • Borrowing or swapping decorations with friends and family gives them a new life in a different location.