Promotional Toolkit

12 Do's A4 2-page version - click to download © Zo Zhou

12 Do's A4 2-page version - click to download

12 Do's A3 1-page version - click to download © Zo Zhou

12 Do's A3 1-page version - click to download

Festive Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide - click to download © Zo Zhou

Festive Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide - click to download

To make it as easy as possible to promote the 12 Do's of Christmas 2016, we have developed a range of promotional resources for you to use. All the resources on this page may be downloaded for distribution.

Social Media  

  1. Post your favourite DO infographics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  2. Use #12DOsOfXmas
  3. Update your Facebook cover image with the downloadable 12 Do's of Christmas graphic
  4. Send us any interesting tips or images that we can post about on our I Heart Recycling facebook page, and 'like' us to receive recycling updates. 

Example posts:

  • We spend over $1,079 at #Christmas! Plan for meals & presents & save big. Check out @PlanetArk's #12DosOfXmas
  • A Christmas gift from @PlanetArk, the RecycleSmart App answers recycling Qs in the palm of ur hand! #12DOsOfXmas
  • Global sales 4 phones & computers is exploding into the billions/yr! How do you recycle old ones? #12DOsOfXmas
  • Over 1/3 of what Aussies spend on food for Christmas is wasted! Reduce waste & have a happy holiday via #12DOsOfXmas
  • Turn unwanted gifts into thoughtful ones. Find out how to reduce Christmas waste & have a fun holiday: #12DOsOfXmas
  • Take unwanted gifts out of your Christmas budget. Reduce waste & have a happy holiday #12DOsOfXmas
  • Guarantee ur place on Santa's Nice List! Have some fun! Follow @PlanetArk's #12DOsOfXmas. For tips to reduce waste >
  • Keep Christmas special while reducing waste this year: #12DOsOfXmas

Adaptable Email/Newsletter Article/Blog post

The text below can be used to help us promote the 12 Do's of Christmas, but feel free to write your own. Simply cut and paste the text below, fill in your name, and distribute:

Easy on your pocket, easy on the planet: The 12 Do's of Christmas

With Australians spending over $1,079 at Christmas in recent years, some forward planning for meals and presents can lead to big savings.

<Insert your name/organisation> encourages everyone to check out Planet Ark's 12 Do's of Christmas website. It offers simple tips for making your family's Christmas special, without costing the earth - from fun festive recycled crafts, to feel-good gifts with meaning. 

Plus Planet Ark has a gift to use all year-round - the free and easy-to-use RecycleSmart App! It's Australia's most comprehensive recycling app that answers all those tricky recycling questions.

The 12 Do's of Christmas resource was made possible thanks to, a free recycling directory for households established by Planet Ark and through the support of Page Sponsors, Bingo Skip Bins, ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark', MobileMuster, TechCollect, and Tetra Pak.

Photo Gallery

A range of photos are available for download from the Photo Gallery

Campaign Logo

To assist you in promoting waste prevention, Planet Ark has made available the 12 Do's of Christmas logo. A zip file, with a jpg, png and pdf formatted logo, is available for download here.  

If you do use the logo, we'd really appreciate you sending us a copy of any promotions or resources you use the logo for. Wherever possible we like to keep these for our records. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712 or email 

Web banners and graphics

Right click and save image to download: 

Ecard with text

Ecard with just graphics (if you need a smaller image)

Other banners