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12 Do's A4 2-page version - click to download © Zo Zhou

12 Do's A4 2-page version - click to download

12 Do's A3 1-page version - click to download © Zo Zhou

12 Do's A3 1-page version - click to download

To make it as easy as possible to promote the 12 Do's of Christmas 2016 to your constituents, staff and colleagues, we have developed a range of promotional resources for you to use. All the resources on this page may be downloaded for distribution.

Adaptable Media Release

Planet Ark has developed an adaptable media release:

Social Media tips  

  1. Share our ready-to-go 12 Do's of Christmas social media graphics.
  2. Use #12DosOfXmas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Update your Facebook cover image with the downloadable 12 Do's of Christmas graphic.
  4. Send us any interesting tips or images that we can post about on our I Heart Recycling facebook page, and 'like' us to receive recycling updates. 

Example posts:

  • We spend over $1,079 at #Christmas! Plan for meals & presents & save big. Check out @PlanetArk's #12DosOfXmas
  • A Christmas gift from @PlanetArk, the RecycleSmart App answers recycling Qs in the palm of ur hand! #12DOsOfXmas
  • Global sales 4 phones & computers is exploding into the billions/yr! How do you recycle old ones? #12DOsOfXmas
  • Over 1/3 of what Aussies spend on food for Christmas is wasted! Reduce waste & have a happy holiday via #12DOsOfXmas
  • Turn unwanted gifts into thoughtful ones. Find out how to reduce Christmas waste & have a fun holiday: #12DOsOfXmas
  • Guarantee ur place on Santa's Nice List! Have some fun! Follow @PlanetArk's #12DOsOfXmas for tips to reduce waste
  • Keep Christmas special while reducing waste this year: #12DOsOfXmas

Photo Gallery

A range of photos are available for download from the Photo Gallery


Give your constituents the free RecycleSmart App for Christmas! It provides information from RecyclingNearYou for every council area in Australia and enables residents to search for both kerbside and drop off services for a huge range of materials on their phone or tablet. You can promote it to your residents using Do #5.

Note: Some Australian councils have recycling apps for their specific council area - check the list here.

Campaign Logo

To assist MPs in promoting waste prevention, Planet Ark has made available the 12 Do's of Christmas logo. A zip file, with a jpg, png and pdf formatted logo, is available for download here.  

If you do use the logo, we'd really appreciate you sending us a copy of any promotions or resources you use the logo for. Wherever possible we like to keep these for our records. If you have an questions feel free to contact us on 02 8484 7200 or at

Adaptable Email/Blog post

The below email can be used to help us promote 12 Do's of Christmas to your constituents, staff and colleagues. Simply cut and paste the text below, fill in your details, and distribute!

Help Celebrate the 12 Do's of Christmas

[Insert Parliamentarian name and title] and Planet Ark are encouraging Australians to keep their good reducing, reusing and recycling habits during the festive season at the forefront of their minds using the 12 Do's of Christmas.

On average, Australian households throw out 14% of weekly groceries worth about $1,100 each year, and this is most pervasive at Christmas. Collectively that’s more than $10 billion of food every year, representing almost half of all municipal waste that goes to landfill. 

"Waste is one of the biggest environmental issues over Christmas, but making a big difference to the environmental impact and budgets of <Insert electorate> residents is easy," says <Insert Parliamentarian's name and title>. 

This year Planet Ark has a free Christmas gift to use all year round - RecycleSmart - an app to answer all your household waste and recycling questions.

Planet Ark's The 12 Do's of Christmas offers simple tips for making your Christmas even more special, without costing the earth. <Insert electorate> residents can also find sustainable options for all types of waste materials on, a comprehensive household recycling directory.

The website and hotline (1300 733 712) were established by Planet Ark and through the support of Page Sponsors, Bingo Skip Bins, ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark', MobileMuster, TechCollect and Tetra Pak.

Web banners and graphics

Right click and save image to download: 

Ecard with text

Ecard with just graphics (if you need a smaller image)

Other banners: