Do #7 Recycle Right

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‘Tis the season for milk, juice and custard cartons, foil trays, glass bottles and aluminium cans! If you're like most Aussies and you recycle most of the packaging you use at home throughout the year, keep up the good work at Chrissy!

Better yet, use this season as an excuse to give the earth a pressie by getting answers to your, "I wonder if this could be recycled?" questions! Check out, or call the Hotline on 1300 733 712.

Take action, commit to Do #7.

Here are some of tips to get you started:

  • Christmas is the time of year when the recycling bin is likely to overflow with packaging. Limit waste in the first place by buying in bulk or choosing groceries in sensible packaging.
  • Make extra space by flattening milk and juice cartons, cardboard boxes, aluminium cans and plastic bottles.
  • If the bin gets too full store the excess recycling until the next collection.
  • Many councils can accept aluminium foil and baking trays as long as they are scrunched into a ball.
  • In most council areas plastic shopping bags can not be recycled in the home bin - they cause headaches in the recycling facilities. They can be recycled at most major supermarkets.
  • Other soft plastics like biscuit packs and trays, bread, pasta, chip and lolly packets, and old 'green bags' can be recycled (into furniture for schools) at many metropolitan Coles stores and Woolworths stores.