Do #5 Have an Appy Christmas

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While Christmas wouldn’t be the same without gifts and festive treats, councils report that waste spikes up to 30% over this period. If you’ve ever looked around the house at the piles of flotsam and jetsam accumulated over the holiday season and wondered if more of it could be recycled, well the answer can be in the palm of your hand!

Planet Ark has teamed up with RecycleSmart to release a free app to answer waste and recycling questions - a Christmas gift to use all year round.

The interactive app includes data about every Australian council and helps users easily search for information about how to locally recycle more than 170 household items, as well as provide feedback to their council about waste issues. So regardless of where your holiday road trip takes you, local recycling information is now a tap away.

Take action, commit to Do #5.

  • Download the RecycleSmart app on your phone, tablet or other device from your app provider today
    or check if your council has it's own App for residents.
  • Check RecycleSmart to see what items are accepted in your kerbside recycling. Are you making any recycling mistakes? It is a common mistake to place recyclables in a plastic bag when they should be placed loose in your recycling bin. Soft plastics can often be dropped off at supermarkets for recycling.
  • Use the app to check if your council has a food waste recycling program. Or check out Do # 6 for more tips on how to reduce festive food waste.