Do #4 Re-Wrap It Up

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Beautifully wrapped gifts are a symbol of the season, and there are plenty of ways to save your wrapping paper from languishing in landfill! Use wrapping paper that can be reused or recycled, and for extra points choose recycled content paper. 

Take action, commit to Do #4.

  • Use paper you already have instead of store-bought wrapping. Newspapers, comic strips and decorated brown paper bags work just as well as fancy paper, and chances are, you already have some lying around. Gift boxes can also be kept and reused the following year, and used paper wrapping can be trimmed to remove the sticky tape, ironed on a low heat to remove the creases, and reused again and again!
  • Look for recycled content wrapping paper when choosing gift wrapping. If you can't find them in your shopping centre, try ordering online from Biome.
  • Try alternatives to disposable wrapping. Torn or old clothing and sheets can be up-cycled into fabric wrapping by removing the sad bits and using a ribbon to fasten it around your gift. If you're a wizard on the sewing machine, use your existing fabric off-cuts to make hankies or tea towels as wrapping - the recipient will get two gifts in one!
  • Recycle your used paper wrapping or give it another life by making your own gift tags with the graphics and patterns on it. Green-glitzing your gifts can be a bundle of fun - and much cheaper.
  • Avoid buying plastic and foil wrapping and keep any you receive out of the recycling bin as it contaminates the recycling process. Instead, if you open your plastic and foil wrapped gifts carefully, you'll be able use the wrapping on another gift next year. 
  • Re-use old Christmas cards by cutting them into smaller tags. Cards can be recycled in your kerbside collection with other paper and cardboard items.