Do #2 Celebrate Recycling at Work

Do #2: Recycling options at your Christmas party. prev button next button

The corks are popping and the finger food has arrived - let the end of year partying begin!

Celebrating Christmas with colleagues doesn't mean your good waste reduction and recycling habits should go out the door. With a little planning, keeping waste to a minimum and recycling at your workplace Christmas party can be a breeze. If you're not the party organiser, just email them this page of easy tips.

Take action, commit to Do #2.

  • Wherever possible avoid disposable cups, plates and cutlery - they're expensive and represent an enormous waste of resources. Reusable crockery can be both stylish and sustainable at the same time. 
  • Set up a recycling station, and make sure the signage is crystal clear. Our handy recycling signs make it easy for everyone to recycle right, no matter how much fun they may be having. 
  • If it's going to be a big one, contact your recycling provider to get extra bins or arrange an extra collection. If you don't have a recycler hop onto to arrange one. 
  • There are many ways to avoid food waste at work, but if you do end up with some good quality leftovers, donate them to a food charity like Oz Harvest or Food Bank. Check the Food Donation pages on BusinessRecycling for details. 
  • Need bins for your workplace party? can connect you with recycling bin providers too.