Do #10 Cleaner Transport

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Travelling, whether across town or across the country, is one of the activities that many Aussies enjoy at Christmas but it can come at a financial and environmental cost. Vehicles make up 80% of carbon monoxide emissions in urban settings. 

A few simple actions can help you reduce emissions and waste, improve safety and even save money. Check out the Better Motoring Guide or read on for more practical advice.

Download the Better Motoring Guide

Take action, commit to Do #10.

Our top actions include:

  • Braking and accelerating as smoothly as possible (this will be popular with your passengers too!)
  • Removing unnecessary baggage
  • Make sure that you recycle old car batteries with a responsible service like Century Yuasa
  • Find recycling options for used motor oil and tyres too. 
  • Check out our Better Motoring Guide for information to make driving a little more fun, and easy too!

You might also try to reduce the amount you drive by car sharing, getting public transport, or make travelling a fitness challenge by walking or cycling. 

Taking to the air instead? There are plenty of organisations and some airlines that will offset the carbon emissions of your flights